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Who can submit?
We invite artists from all fields (architecture, literature, comics, performance art, music, sound art, visual arts, etc.) to submit contributions to the international competition “WORLDWIDE WALLED – For Acting Beyond Walls!,” initiated in light of US-President Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall between the US and Mexico. We want to offer a platform for contemporary art to react to the prevalent political initiates which favor or even force the building barriers.

Nature of the submissions?
In order to participate in the online-competition, please upload texts (pdf), images (JPEG/PNG), videos (mp4) and or soundfiles (mp4) to the project website The editorial board will review all submissions for relevance and post them on the project website. Submissions between April 1 and July 4 2017 will be considered for the competition. The winners will be determined by a jury board and will be awarded a bottle of top-rate Tequila.

Why this competition?
We seek to respond to an ongoing vilification of the “Other.” According to the recently published annual report of Amnesty International (AI), “hostile rhetoric” has reached problematic levels on a global scale. By systematically pitting different demographics against each other, political parties and lobbies infringe upon human rights, as chief executive of AI Austria Annemarie Schalk attests. Presenting the annual report on February 21 in Vienna, Schalk warns: “Once the civil rights of a demographic group of people become infringed, all human rights are in danger.” On February 16, Die Zeit (issue 8/2017) features a piece by Tobias Timm, tellingly titled „Only art can help us now.” Timm reports that “in anticipation of the building of the wall, Mexican citizens take to the streets, people are on edge, only artists allow for optimistic prospects.” It is a common and well-established political strategy to deceive and intimidate voters and to propose simplistic solutions to complex problems in an attempt to increase capital, power, and personal interest. The wall therefore functions as a symbol which solidifies prevalent cases of global power-asymmetry and the dichotomies between RICH and POOR, ABOVE and BELOW, MAN and WOMAN, NORTH and SOUTH, EAST and WEST. For a long time, art has been in the forefront in showcasing and countering the political status quo. By inviting viewers to adopt different perspectives, different points of view, and to broaden their physical, mental and spiritual horizon of reception, art in itself contains many aspects of border transgressions. We want to continue in this tradition and set an exemplar for a democratic and open society, for a global world view in search of that which connects, not that which divides us.

Who initiated this competition?
„Worldwide Walled“ was launched by in cooperation with ausreißer – Die Grazer Wandzeitung, forum stadtpark, IGS intro-graz-spection, restmuell, rotor, the smallest gallery, Haus der Architektur Graz, Kunsthalle Graz und 2.U.S.2.

Translation: Silvia Schutermandl

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